Manual for Turku buses

When the app starts it will get your location automatically and show the nearest bus stops within 500 meters.




If you wan't to find stops within a wider radius, you can change the radius with the slider in the bar above.



Changing the location

If the app is showing a wrong location or you wan't to see stops near another location a new location can be set with two different ways.

Location can be changed by pressing and holding on the map.


The location can also be changed by searching an address by pressing the location image on the top bar.



Turku addresses can be searched by writing on the search bar, if the address is not on the list, address can be searched from Google by pressing the magnifying glass icon.

If you wan't to use the phones location data press the location icon .


Stop timetables

By pressing the stop icon on the map you can see the timetables and destinations of the buses coming to the stop on a info screen.



Favorite stops and buses on the map

By pressing the info screen you can add stops to favorites or show bus locations on the map.




By pressing OK you will see the locations of the buses at that moment.


Notice that the bus location do not update, they are just the locations at that moment.

If you wan't to get real time location tracking, see live tracking section.



By pressing the star icon you can add the stop to favorite list, so you can get the stop easily from the list even if the stop is not on the map.


Favorite list can be opened from the main view by pressing the star icon on the top bar.



By choosing a favorite stop from the list, the app will show only the selected stop on the map.

You can get back to the normal view by pressing the refresh icon.


If you wan't to see the route of a bus line, select "linjat" from the side menu.


The side menu can be opened by swiping from the left edge to the right or pressing the three lines on the top bar.



Lines have all the bus lines listed in Turku area.


You can search for a line by the line number or destination.



By selecting a line the app will show the lines route on the map.

You can get back to the normal view by pressing the refresh icon.

Live tracking

Most of the Föli buses have GPS tracking.

You can track bus locations in real time by choosing "Live seuranta" from the side panel.

A list opens up of the lines that have active GPS signals at the time.

Choose the line number you wan't to track and the app will get location information for the buses on the line.

Location data will update every few seconds.

When you wan't to stop tracking, choose another function or press the update button .

Notice that there can be few seconds of delay in the tracking data because of data handling.